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Barista: Skills, Responsibilities, Career Paths
Hcareers / NOVEMBER 15 2021

In honor of National Espresso Day (11/23) let’s discuss what a career as a barista would look like and what positions you can apply to after gaining some experience. 

What do baristas do?

Barista’s are responsible for preparing and serving a variety of drinks, most commonly non-alcoholic, like coffee and tea. Barista’s can work in stand alone coffee shops, hotel lobby’s, and restaurant kitchens/bars. 

Typical Barista responsibilities:

  • Preparing and service beverages to guests 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing work areas, utensils and equipment
  • Cleaning service area 
  • Knowing menu items to answer questions 
  • Stocking items and food/beverage 
  • Receiving and processing customer payments 

Skills hiring managers are looking for:

  • Efficient verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • Ability to multitask 
  • Basic math skills to process customer payments 
  • Knowledge of preparation and food safety 
  • Friendly demeanor 
  • Great team player 

Barista Requirements:

  • 1 year of experience  and knowledge of terminology 
  • Communicate effectively 
  • Meet minimum age requirement 
  • Prior cash handling experience 

Possible career paths for baristas:

Server: Servers are responsible for greeting guests, taking orders and bringing the prepared drinks and food to guests. Servers can work in restaurants, hotel dining, cocktail lounges and banquet halls. 

Banquet server:  Banquet servers are responsible for setting up the event space such as tables, service areas and meeting rooms. During the event banquet servers are in charge of taking and delivering food and beverage orders. 

Bartender: Bartenders are similar to baristas, but can prepare and serve alcoholic beverages as well as non-alcoholic. Bartenders can work in restaurants, cocktail lounges, and stand alone bars. 

Food and beverage manager: Food and beverage managers are responsible for designing menus, handling customer inquiries, ensuring compliance with food and safety regulations, hiring kitchen staff, managing the kitchen budget and stock.