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Address13647 Montfort Drive, Dallas, TX, 75240 View map
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People (3)

Tony BattelleChief Operating OfficerFavorite part of the job Passion for this business has kept me engaged over the years. Our business is ever changing, and continuous improvement is critical in driving successes - change is good. Favorite Room Service Item Crunchy French Toast. Well, really that’s my wife’s favorite. I don’t really have one! Favorite TWH property to stay at If we had to pick one word to describe Tony, it would have to be passionate! Tony started in the business as a bellman during college, and his passion for this industry has lasted 28 years. Starting from the ground up proved beneficial to Tony, as he honed his skills in all aspects of the hotel industry. We have those early mentors to thank for harnessing that spark of passion and converting it for use in a success driven powerhouse. Our favorite thing about Tony? The fact that his enthusiasm and energizing leadership style catches like wildfire with those that work with him; seeing team members grow fuels Tony’s zealous energy! That’s what got him where he is, and why he’s such a perfect fit for the TWH team. Another asset in Tony’s arsenal also happens to be his favorite part of this industry; adaptability and change. It’s one of his key talents and is the reason why he can work so well with a dynamic portfolio of brands including Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Starwood Hotels and Hyatt Hotels. It’s also why he’s been such an asset to leading management companies in the United States like White Lodging, Remington Hotels and most recently, Aimbridge Hospitality, where he held the title of Senior Vice President of Operations. His ability to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in those around him, his dedication to and passion for the industry, plus a keen eye for opportunity in change makes Tony a perfect asset.
Michael H. MahoneyPresident and CEOReason I work at TWH: Entrepreneurship. TWH continuously provides the platform to create value for stakeholders. Favorite part of the job: Variety. Each asset we create and manage presents its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Favorite TWH moment: Not a defined point in time, but an ongoing freedom to strive for creative success. Michael’s worked with Gene for more than 25 years. (Worthy of a medal.) And he’s overseen more than 40 hotel developments since 1995. (Worthy of a display case of medals.) Now in 2012, Michael has been named President and CEO of Western International. Michael’s one of the main guys who brings a new hotel development to life. He oversees and implements just about everything: Helps associates acquire land and financing. Oversees architects. Works directly with general contractors. Tackles planning and zoning cases. Facilitates governmental and regulatory approvals. Sleeps occasionally. So if you had a really nice stay at that new Hilton in Chandler, Arizona, give Michael a hearty pat on the back. Then leave him alone. The man has work to do.

Culture (1)

Texas Western Hospitality CultureLike hospitality, you rule at TWH. Here’s the deal: when you get a bunch of talented, good-natured people who love what they do, the accomplishments they make and the people they work with together, well, you’re naturally going to have a pretty hospitable place. The kind that’s nurturing and brings out the best in people. So if you’re a genuine go-getter, there’s really no limit to what you can do. Which makes TWH a pretty exciting company to work for. And that’s the way it should be.