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This property is managed by
Fine Hospitality Group
Days Inn - Barstow
Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mojave Desert when you book a room at
our Days Inn Barstow hotel near the Route 66 Mother Road Museum.
Free parking and a convenient location near I-15, I-40, and I-show more
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Address1590 Coolwater Lane, Barstow, CA, 92311 View map
Property typeHotel 
room Count101-250 
location TypeUrban 
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People (4)

Ken PansuriaPresident• 17 years of experience in Hotel Development, Acquisitions, and Mergers with 30 years of business experience. • Overseeing 25+ Hotels & Development, growing the management company from 1 hotel with 20 employees to 450+ employees within a 13‐ year period, increasing yearly revenue from $1.5 million to $48+ million, with a cumulative asset value of $150+ million. • Remodeling and renovating over $20 million in Brand Refreshes. • Procuring over $150+ million in financing with Lenders. • Distributed over $10 million in profits to investors over the last 6 years. • Consistently delivered ROI over 10% over the last 6 years.
Nish KharodVice President• 20 years of experience in the field of Hospitality Management, encompassing all phases of Hotel Project Planning, Business Development, and Project Management. • Adept in all aspects of Operations and Financial Analysis. • Overseeing the Operations, Revenue, and Inventory Management of the $150 million portfolios of 20+ hotels across the country, supervising a $48+ million gross annual revenue per year. • Consistently maintaining and exceeding Average portfolio Gross Operating Profit Margins of 35% of Revenue since 2013. • Consistently outperforming the market by maintaining RGI (Rev Par Growth Index) over 5%. • Consistently meeting and exceeding Guest Satisfaction Index Benchmark across the portfolio. • Maintaining the top 20% of Trip Advisor and Brand Ranking.

Culture (2)

Community InvolvementOur continual involvement in our property’s Chambers of Commerce unites Fine Hospitality with hundreds of other businesses across the state. Enterprising our hotels amongst commerce and business owners; formulates our networks and creates longstanding and resourceful relationships with our peers and neighbors.
Green ResponsibilityFine Hospitality recognizes the importance of managing properties in an environmentally responsible way. Going Green in the hospitality industry is influenced and valued amongst all of our locations and the franchises we represent. As our customers become increasingly concerned with environmental conservation, technologies, and practices, we will continue to adapt and cater to these needs and transformations. ​