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Town Pump Hotel Division
Since 1953, Town Pump has proudly served its communities as
Montana's Best Convenience Stores/Gas Stations, Casinos and Hotels. We
are always expanding to meet your needs.
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Address1421 W. Diamond St., Butte, MT, 59701 View map
Company typeSingle Property 
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Town Pump Mission Statementabout usTown Pump Inc. is a privately held Montana owned and operated business dedicated to providing excellence in customer service and hospitality at a fair and competitive price. We are team oriented and result driven. Town Pump is committed to: Providing our customers excellence. Our entire business is based on being the best at providing customers quality and value and therefore we value our customers above all and continually respond to their changing needs. Providing our team opportunities for personal and professional growth through our long-standing commitment to train, develop and promote from within. We recognize it is our team’s contributions that strengthen our ability to compete, prosper and grow. Fulfilling our responsibility to give back to Montana communities by providing financial support to social programs through charitable and corporate giving. Building our resource base of personnel, technology and property to sustain our efficiencies and allow for future development. Protecting and preserving our environment by investing in state of the art leak detection and leak prevention equipment. Town Pump is ever vigilant of environmental safety through our commitment to employ the best technologies available. Town Pump’s standards exceed federal and state environmental regulations. Providing leadership in paying attention to every detail and communicating our team’s responsibility as caretakers of the business for our employees, customers and communities.


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