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The Seawane Club
 Founded in 1927, The Seawane Club is a 130+ acre property offering the
ultimate member experiences in Hewlett Harbor on the South Shore of
Long Island (approximately 40 minutes from Manhattan). Thshow more
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Address1300 Club Drive, Hewlett, NY, 11557 View map
Company typeSingle Property 
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CAREEREmploymentThe Seawane Club has a dedicated and friendly team of staff members. We offer several seasonal and year-round opportunities for service professionals. Staff housing is available to those who qualify. Local and foreign staff must show positive attitudes, warm and friendly smiles, a team-first approach, a commitment to excellence. For staff with varying skill levels and expertise, there are opportunities for travel, education, training, and overall professional advancement. We encourage our staff to reach their highest level of personal and career potential.

Culture (1)

The ClubThe Seawane Club believes in providing members with the finest service in a relaxed, welcoming environment that members can fully embrace their leisure time and celebrate memories with friends.


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