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The Halal Shack
Started by Jamal Rasoully, The Halal Shack's mission is to unite cultures
and people through food, one Sauce’n meal at a time.
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Address26 Frenchs Mill Rd, Altamont, NY, 12009 View map
Company typeSingle Property 
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People (2)

Jamal RasoullyFounder & CEO"I believe food is more than nourishment. Our mission at The Halal Shack is to unite cultures and people through food, one Sauce'n meal at a time!"
IsaacArea Manager"I love the environment it brings, we are more than a team here we’re family. I love how we interact with the students, it’s like no other job I’ve had, I can be myself, talk, joke and laugh with them all while making them the best meal they’ve had all day.”


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