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The Charlie Hotel
The Charlie, previously known as The Farm was built in 1924 by Elizabeth
Gordon and later purchased and redeveloped by Charlie Chaplin. Each
suite is named after a celebrity who once resided inside. Afshow more
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Address709 N Adron Dr, West Hollywood, CA, 90069 View map
Company typeSingle Property 
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OUR ETHOSabout usWe are a family of passionate individuals dedicated to creating original guest experience in a warm, attentive and gracious manner. We are devoted to preserving the historical essence, yet fusing design with clean & vibrant modern luxury. We are accountable to those we serve and do so with integrity and sophistication. With ultimate passion, we lead where others follow!

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OUR MISSIONOur mission is to provide white glove service with a personal touch, extend positive energy and work as a family to welcome our guests to their extended home.


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