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6 Job Search Trends of 2021
Hcareers / JANUARY 11 2021

Here are the 6 job search trends to be on the lookout for in 2021 as a result of the COVID pandemic, the economic situation, and some of the current events that happened in 2020. 

  • Virtual interviews

Most companies would have never fathomed hiring team members without ever meeting them in person, however in 2020, there was no other option. All companies pivoted to virtual interviewing and hiring out of necessity, and it’s likely here to stay. 

As companies will begin their plans to bring workers back in person and rehiring staff, most will add virtual interviewing to their long-term strategy. It opens their candidate pool to workers who are in different states and helps keep costs down for most companies as well. 

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  • More remote work options

Although most hospitality positions are in-person roles, there are some positions that are able to work from home. Companies will likely allow for more flexibility to continue working from home when we are able to return to in-person work. 

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  • Online networking over in-person networking

An important step in job hunting is networking, but with conventions and events being canceled, it seemed impossible to be able to form new connections. Luckily, with social media such as LinkedIn, candidates are still able to reach out to professionals in their industry to form relationships. 

Find someone who either works at the company you are interested in joining, someone who has a lot of hospitality experience, or someone who is currently working your dream position online and sends them a quick introductory message. 

Networking now could even be easier than in person, because you can just have a zoom or phone call instead of planning for a coffee meet-up. Once you are both more comfortable and familiar with each other you can build up to an in-person meeting. 

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  • Adapting to flexible work routines

Whether you had to create a job searching routine after being furloughed or laid off or creating a full-time work-from-home routine, 2020 taught us how to adapt our routines based on the ever-changing situation we’re facing. 

As 2021 kicks into gear and the COVID vaccine begins its rollout, we are sure to face more changes to adapt to. Whether it will be getting back to an in-person work environment, or starting a new job with a new company, or even moving to a new city with more opportunities available, being able to adapt your routine will be an important skill. 

Companies are looking for employees who are flexible and adaptable, so make sure to highlight that in your interview answers whenever applicable. 

  • Increased focus on recruiting diverse talent

One of the most talked-about topics in 2020 was diversity. We surveyed our audience last year and 3 out of 4 respondents said that they would not work for a company that doesn’t show diversity and inclusion efforts, so it’s safe to say diversity will play an important role in attracting top talent. 

Companies will need to not only include more diversity efforts in their hiring strategies but backing up their efforts with hard numbers and tactics. Be on the lookout for a section on the company’s website highlighting their efforts and strategies, more diversity in upper management, and more efforts to train and advance diverse talent throughout organizations. 

  • Expect longer job searches 

Job search candidates should prepare themselves for the job hunt to take anywhere from 6 months to a year. The job market is still unsteady and adjusting to the COVID pandemic and economic situation, so most hospitality companies have not started rehiring yet or have very limited positions open. 

If you are currently job hunting, keep your head up! Companies will need to hire when things stabilize, and they will need passionate and motivated hospitality professionals. Make sure to plan for a longer job search to keep yourself motivated and financially stable, potentially taking on a part-time or temporary position in the meantime. 

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