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4 Cover Letter Openers to Get You Noticed
Hcareers / MAY 10 2021

We’ve all googled “cover letter template” and used the first result that came up to write a cover letter, and although those will work and give you a good starting point, you’re likely not going to be the only candidate to do that for the position you’re applying for.

Use these tips instead to make you stand apart from the other candidates. 

1. Show your excitement

Hiring managers want someone who is excited about working at their company! They also can tell when someone used a generic cover letter template to write their cover letter, remember that they read through hundreds of cover letters and resume a day. 

Try using something like this: 

“I am excited to be applying for the position of General Manager with Hilton because of your unique company culture and support of employees through….”

“I was excited to see an opening in the housekeeping department at Wyndham because I would love to join a company that has greatly impacted how the industry…..”

2. Keep it concise

Hiring managers don’t want to read through long paragraphs detailing every detail of your past work experiences. Keep it concise when detailing out related work experiences that will make you a great fit for the position. 

For example:

“As a front desk agent for Company, I welcomed and assisted guests with check-in and check-out while managing incoming phone reservations and inquiries. Through positive guest interactions, I increased overall hotel rating on yelp and guest retention…”

3. Research the company

Adding in details related to the company beyond the job description will set you apart from other candidates. Highlight a program, initiative or company culture aspect that you are interested in or reference a news story you recently saw about them that caught your eye. 

For example: 

“I recently read about your sustainability initiatives in Fortune to help cut down plastic waste and after reading this I was even more inspired to work with for St. Regis. With my experience in housekeeping and interest in the environment….”

4. Load up on keywords

Your cover letter, just like your resume will be going through an applicant tracking system, so using the right keywords will get you noticed and help get you an interview. Make sure when you are reading the job description to take note of keywords you can use in your cover letter. This will change for each position you apply for. 

Bonus: References

Did you connect with someone from the company through networking? Or know a current employee of the company who can vouch for you? Feel free to mention them in your cover letter. Make sure to ask permission from that person first. 

For example: 

“I recently connected with Jane Doe, general manager with Hilton and she informed about the opening with your sales department and encouraged me to apply based on my qualifications…”