We’re in This Together: Hcareers Stands in Solidarity With the Hospitality Industry Amid COVID-19 Crisis
Hcareers / JUNE 10 2020

Dear Hcareers Customers,

Our industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. The COVID-19 virus has exacted an extraordinary toll on the global economy, and has been even more acute for the hospitality industry.  The industry’s businesses, employees and service providers are all experiencing incredible hardship. 

As we speak with many of you, we are equally saddened by the stories we hear and the steps that are being taken across the industry in response to direction by state and local officials. Hcareers has served the industry for more than 20 years, and we have seen these types of economic downturns in the past and know that when it does pass, the industry is quick to bounce back.

To our job seekers and those suffering job loss because of the crisis, we know this is a very rough time for you both professionally and personally, and we stand with you. We look forward to a strong recovery period when jobs return, and we’ll do all we can to be a reliable career management resource throughout this process so you can get back to the work you love.

To our hospitality employers, hoteliers, managers, and industry leaders, this is a somber time. We understand the incredible weight that comes with having to make the tough choices about your business and your teams, and we’re focused on creating initiatives and solutions now that will see all of us come out of this crisis stronger, more resilient, and better than ever. Our hearts are with you as you navigate these uncharted waters and as you exhibit the leadership, compassion, and integrity we’ve seen on display this week throughout our industry.

This is an opportunity to unite as an industry; collaborate with each other; and find ways to shoulder the burden together. Over the coming weeks and months, we will share updates on initiatives that we are taking to support the industry in its time of need.


We’ve compiled all of the resources for employers, employees and job seekers into our Return to Work Resources to provide the latest information and tools.

There are still many temporary positions available with companies such as Amazon, DoorDash, Sodexo and more.