Top 10 Most Read Hcareers Articles in 2020
Hcareers / DECEMBER 22 2020

We’ve made it through 2020! This year was certainly unprecedented and particularly tumultuous for the hospitality industry and its workers. It’s been filled with challenges, learning lessons, hardships, and uncertainty, but also with opportunities for innovation, moments of community and strength, and career development. 

Throughout the year, we’ve been sharing articles to help job seekers, hospitality companies, hospitality professionals, and students answer any questions they may have had about specific careers, writing resumes and cover letters, how to nail interviews, the latest in unemployment or financial aid, and so much more. 

We want to thank everyone who helped make our content great this year, and for sharing it out to help as many readers as possible! Here are the top 10 blogs our audience read in 2020: 

  1. 12 Necessary and Essential Skills of Front Desk Professionals: With front desk positions being one of the most applied to positions of 2020, it’s no surprise that people are curious what skills they will need to succeed in a front desk professional role. 
  2. 5 Statements that will Convince an Employer to Hire You: Have you ever wondered what a potential boss wants to hear in a job interview? Or what you can say that will increase your chance of getting that job offer? Here are the top 5 things to communicate during an interview that will convince an employer you’re a great hire!
  3. Top 10 Hospitality Jobs that Pay $75k or More: If you have a specific salary level you are trying to hit, or you are planning out your future career path, these 10 jobs can give you an idea of what to apply for or plan on working towards to make a certain salary. 
  4. 10 Common Interview Questions for the Hotel Front Desk: front desk staff are among the first interactions that guests will have in any hotel. Plan for a front desk professional interview with these 10 questions you most likely will have to answer. 
  5. Post Interview Call Back Rules: What you do after the interview is just as important as what you do during the interview. Should you contact the interviewer right away? Should you ask what their timeline is? How quickly should you contact them? Find out in this article. 
  6. Top 20 common Interview Questions and Answers: Prepare for any interview you. Re going on with these 20 most common interview questions with how. To structure your answers. 
  7.  Top 7 Types of Hotel Management Jobs:  Find out about the different areas of hotel management you can specialize in throughout the properties. Here are the top 7 management positions to look at for your next career opportunity. 
  8. 5 Common Problems Every Hotel Front Desk Agent Should Know How to Solve: If you plan on applying for a front desk professional position, it is good to. know what type of problems you may encounter and how you can solve them to be successful in the role. 
  9. 8 Traits Employers Are Really Looking For: Have you ever wondered what traits employers look for while interviewing a candidate? Here are the top 8 traits that you can demonstrate in your composure and behavior during the interview and through the answers you give. 
  10. Top 10 Questions You’ll Be Asked in a Hotel Interview:  As you prepare for your next opportunity to. dazzle a potential employer with your passion for hospitality, don’t neglect to practice your responses to these top 10. Interview questions for hotel jobs.