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How to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt
Ciara Smith / AUGUST 19 2020

In today’s challenging economy, landing the perfect role takes a combination of experience, personality, and (arguably most important) visibility. Job Seekers are becoming increasingly more creative in their use of different mediums to reach recruiters and potential employers. One such medium is social media. With an estimated 3.5 billion people using the internet globally (out of 7.8 billion total) social media is used by one-in-three people. This means that 2 out of every 3 people who use the internet are on social media. It’s become a powerful tool for job seekers, recruiters and employers alike to connect and communicate. 

Here’s how you can leverage social media to find your next position. 

“Automate“ Your Job Search

With social media becoming such a large part of daily communication, many brands have invested a large amount of time into developing their social presence. It’s quite easy for job seekers to subscribe to updates from companies they are interested in, giving them unique insight into the company’s voice and culture. In addition, many companies share new career opportunities to their followers on different social media platforms as a way to get the word out about open positions . With advanced filters, job seekers can even create feeds dedicated to their job search that update them anytime something new is available. As a job seeker, if you have an idea of the role, or company you want to work for it’s a great first step to follow them on social media. 

Connect with Decision Makers and the Competition

Beyond simply finding companies, and open positions, social media is great for forming relationships with the decision-making personnel that can get you in the door. One social media platform that’s great for this is LinkedIn.  Billed as a business and employment oriented online service, LinkedIn is a social network that’s mainly used for professional networking. 

Members create profiles which summarize their professional experience to connections, current and future employers, and recruiters. By creating a profile on LinkedIn, you can quickly showcase their professional life, milestones, skills and interests and establish connections which allow direct messaging, and the ability to see and comment on updates from each other. 

Through some of its more advanced features, job seekers can see how they stack up against applicants already in the queue, as well as directly message recruiters with any questions. There is also the added feature to “notify recruiters I’m available”. This automatically recommends your profile to those searching for applicants in your area bringing us to our next point

Form Your Social Presence and Voice

With the wide array of social media platforms and formats available, you’re really only limited by your imagination. While technical expertise used to be a concern, social media platforms figured out that user experience matters. So, increasing engagement meant making their apps and software easy to use. This presents a unique opportunity for all job seekers to form and display their own social presence and voice. By sharing, commenting on and engaging others about industry news, subjects relevant to your field, and what matters to you, you form the foundation of your social presence. When companies look you up during the application process, having a strong social presence + displaying your personality can actually help you land the role you desire. 

Other ways to Leverage Social Media to land a job

  • Join groups related to your work and industry
    • By joining professional groups related to your industry you’ll often be able to connect with and get firsthand referrals for open positions from other group members. 
  • Engage in debates and discussions
    • By engaging in debates and discussion, you can showcase your expertise on a given subject/discipline. This contributes to the strength of your social presence and it can be helpful during the job application process. 
  • Keep up with industry updates
    • Subscribing to industry updates helps Job Seekers to remain competitive. Knowing what’s on the horizon, what challenges that companies face, gives you the unique perspective on how to position yourself to solve those challenges and pain points while getting paid well to do so. 

These are just a few ways that job seekers can leverage social media to land a position.