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4 Highest-Paying Hospitality Jobs
Hcareers / NOVEMBER 22 2021

There are many great leadership positions in the hospitality industry that also offer a great salary and career goal for those looking to stay and grow in the industry throughout their life. While some of these prefer having a hospitality degree, many are also achievable through having gained enough experience working in different roles and departments throughout hotels and restaurants gaining the right skills and knowledge. 

Below are some of the top-earning hospitality roles and what a typical salary range and career path is. This is all variable by employer and location. 

General Manager

Typical salary $79-175K

General managers are responsible for maximizing the operational efficiency and profitability of their property. They manage the operations, staffing, and guest experience by overseeing the property maintenance, appearance, and monitoring all costs, budgets, and forecasts. 

A typical career path to becoming a general manager is starting as an entry-level role, such as a front desk agent, server, housekeeper. Gaining experience in multiple departments will help you move through the career ladder, becoming a front desk, kitchen, or housekeeping supervisor and then getting promoted to a general manager through experience and successful performance.  

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Director of Operations 

Typical salary range $85-110K

The Director of Operations provides supervision, direction, and leadership to all the associates in their department or property to meet the objectives, goals, and expected performance established. The Director of operations coordinates guests’ requests that are related to their department. 

A typical career path for a director of operations can be either earning a hospitality degree alongside 5 years of experience in a hospitality career or starting in an entry-level role such as a front desk agent or housekeeper and working through the ranks. 54% of directors of operations have a bachelor’s degree. 

Food and Beverage Director 

Typical salary range $65-130K

Food and beverage directors are responsible for coordinating, supervising, and directing the property’s food and beverage department while maintaining high profitability. Food and beverage directors keep track of the department budget, inventory, and stock as well as ensure compliance with all food and safety measures. 

A typical career path for a food and beverage director is having experience in different level roles throughout the food and beverage department, and if possible hotel operations. For example, starting a server, line cook, bartender or cashier and working your way through the ranks. You can also choose to pursue higher education with a hospitality degree. 59% of food and beverage directors have a bachelor’s degree. 

Director of Human Resources 

Typical salary range $130-215K

The Director of human resources is responsible for directing the human resources department of the property. They help oversee the recruitment, training, and onboarding of new team members, development and implementation of all property policies and programs and help manage team member experience. 

A typical director of human resources career path is beginning in an entry-level human resources position such as a human resources assistant and then working up through a human resources specialist and manager positions. 69% of directors have a bachelor’s degree. 

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